Quickly create BigQuery demo/dev environments using SQL

My colleague Polong Lin did a brilliant thing recently. He wanted to do a demo, and rather than ask us to follow a checklist of instructions, he simply had us make a single BigQuery call:

'MY-PROJECT-NAME', 'demods')

This call provisioned everything in our BigQuery project that we needed for the demo.

Try it!

You will see that a dataset named demods will get created in your project, and the dataset will contain stuff that is needed for the demo:

How does this magic work?

Stored Procedure with a Script

The idea is to create a Stored Procedure that contains a script. The script creates the dataset, and makes other SQL calls. In this case, I’m using EXECUTE IMMEDIATE to create the query dynamically:

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE publicdata.setup_flights_demo (
projectname STRING, datasetname STRING)
""", projectname, datasetname);

CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE `%s`.%s.num_flights_by_airport AS
airline, departure_airport, COUNT(*) AS num_flights
GROUP BY 1, 2;
""", projectname, datasetname);

The first query in the script creates the dataset:


and the second query creates a table and populates it with data by selecting the necessary rows:


Obviously, this trick is useful beyond creating demo environments. You can also schedule the CALL, although a Materialized View/Table is a better solution for that.

It’s fun to work with brilliant people! Enjoy!




Operating Executive at a technology investment firm; articles are personal observations and not investment advice.

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Lak Lakshmanan

Lak Lakshmanan

Operating Executive at a technology investment firm; articles are personal observations and not investment advice.

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