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  • Lace Chantelle Rogers

    Lace Chantelle Rogers

    Head of data and analytics at Freshegg https://fre.gg/3NwphO3 . GCP, BigQuery and GA4 expert specialising in data engineering and data science, with Python,sql

  • Praveen Seshadri

    Praveen Seshadri

    Engineer at Google, ex-CEO at AppSheet, ex-engineer at Microsoft, ex-professor at Cornell. Dad, husband, son.

  • Vincent Vanhoucke

    Vincent Vanhoucke

    I am a Distinguished Scientist at Google, working on Machine Learning and Robotics.

  • Mikhail Chrestkha

    Mikhail Chrestkha

    Data Science & Machine Learning @ Google Cloud mchrestkha.github.io

  • Patrick Dunn

    Patrick Dunn

    Solutions Architect @ Google Cloud

  • Brian Hall

    Brian Hall

    VP in Purgatory @Google. Was VP at AWS, CEO @ Doppler Labs, VP of Surface with 20+ yrs @Microsoft. Will now start sharing much better.

  • Thomas de Lazzari

    Thomas de Lazzari

    Cloud Customer Engineer at Google

  • Mark Scannell

    Mark Scannell

    Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google Cloud

  • Rishabh Srivastava

    Rishabh Srivastava

    Founder at Loki.ai

  • Michael Entin

    Michael Entin

    Hi, I'm TL of BigQuery Geospatial project. Posting small recipes and various notes for BQ Geospatial users.

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