Best practices to set up your model and orchestrator for hyperparameter tuning

Write training pipelines that will make your MLOps team happy

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Why separate the responsibilities?

In my two previous articles on Vertex AI, I showed you how to use the web console to create and…

Ten lessons that you can apply to your own AI strategy

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Machine Learning for One-Way Doors

Jeff Bezos popularized the idea…

Create an ARIMA model, then detect anomalies

EXTRACT(date from start_date) AS start_date,
COUNT(*) AS num_trips
FROM `bigquery-public-data.london_bicycles.cycle_hire`
GROUP BY start_date

BigQuery ML can use Vertex AI to tune common model parameters

What is BigQuery ML?

BigQuery ML allows you to quickly train ML models on data in BigQuery. For example, suppose you want to train a linear ML model to predict the duration of a bicycle rental, you can do that using:

CREATE OR REPLACE MODEL ch09eu.bicycle_model_linear
model_type='linear_reg', input_label_cols=['duration']

Lak Lakshmanan

Data Analytics & AI @ Google Cloud

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